Sacraments Youth Group – Evelyn North

Confirmation 2018
The programme began with a meeting for parents and candidates on Monday 5th February 2018.The enrolment Mass took place at the 11am Mass on February 11th. Classes began on Sunday February the 18th running from 6:00pm to 7:30pm, 10 classes in all. Bishop Patrick Lynch confirmed 12 candidates on Sunday the 6th May. All candidates wore white. At a reception in the hall Bishop Pat had photographs taken with the families.

First Holy Communion 2017 – 2018
29 children made their First Confession on Saturday the 24th of March and received their First Holy Communion on 26th and 27th May 2018. The format of the Mass was changed this year to include more participation by the parents and children. It began with the children and parents standing at the Church Entrance, the children asked their parents for a blessing which they gave by placing their hands on the children’s heads and saying the blessing.
Before Mass began the parents said that they were happy that during Mass that the children will receive and accept the body of Christ. The children read the Prayers of the Faithful. During the Presentation of the Gifts the children read out meaning of the candle, flowers, heart, bread and water as they were carried to the sanctuary. They also read prayers of thanksgiving after receiving Holy Communion. They sang Father I place into your hands. They also had words of gratitude for Fr. Cyriacus, parents, catechists and their guests.
Best of all both boys and girls were dressed in white, they looked like angels.

First Holy Communion 2018 – 2019
The First Holy Communion programme began on Thursday 18th October with an enrolment meeting in the church. We had 41 names on the list, 3 families did not turn up on the night and failed to respond to 2 further follow up emails sent from the parish office. The enrolment Mass took place yesterday, Sunday 28th October at 11am Mass. First class began on Sunday 4th November with a total of 36 candidates. The classes run from 9:30am until 10:45am. The children then attend Mass with their families. Please remember the children and the catechists in your prayers as they begin this very important journey.

Liturgy Committee – Dupe Anjorin

The Eucharistic congress in Liverpool was a success.

The key note by Bishop Robert Barron’s could be found on the link.

RCIA – Nneka Omo-Idahosa

5 candidates completed the programme for 2017/2018.

6 candidates are in the programme for 2018/19.

Finance Committee – David Philip

Parish Finances – Summary of Last Year’s Accounts to be handed out.

Communication Group – Selvan


  • Lot of time spent on looking into compliance of new data regulations for various parish activities. Communications group followed advice from Diocese and started implementing required changes where necessary. This is still ongoing.
  • New Parish Email
  • As part of GDPR compliance parish now moved to new cloud based email administrated by Diocese.
  • Personal email for Farther Cy will be available in due course.
  • Data Encryption: Ongoing activity
  • Parish Database records must be protected by encryption. Communication group is working towards possible implementation procedure(s).
  • Website
  • In order to comply with GDPR old website was closed due to lack of security. The domain name and hosting moved to new service provider and got SSL certification. Unfortunately the old website’s contents were lost during the move.
  • Currently new website with important contents, such as downloading weekly newsletters etc., is live. Communication group is working on to put more contents in due course.

New members to the group:  Anna Baron, Laura Burton and William Burton

Charismatic Group - Longinus Anyanjo

The Life in the Spirit Seminar was a great success and we will run another one next year.

Outreach Group – Jacky Jonson


  • The Outreach Group donated £500 to our two youth leaders to support their volunteering work in South Africa.
  • On Sunday 23 September the Outreach Group ran a table sale and raised a profit of £377.65.
  • On Saturday 27 October we ran a Career Fair event which was extremely well attended and a very successful event. Roughly 50 people participated in this event along with 8 key speakers.
  • Our next activity will be the Christmas Draw on the 16th December after the Carol Service. Prizes are listed in the newsletter; we are presently collecting donations for the hampers.
  • Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 7 November after evening mass.
Youth Group – Lisa, Tobi, Nike, Mike


Report from Lisa Truong

  • Youth Group continued with its fortnightly sessions. We had Lenten activities and performed the Passion of Christ again to the parish. We also made cakes for the SVP fundraising bake sale. Had a Sports Day, talks with people from different career professions.
  • In August we celebrated our 5th year Anniversary, so we have run fortnightly sessions for 5 years with no break (we continue through all school holidays etc) and have only had to cancel 2 sessions in 5 years. That’s a lot of commitment and dedication from all the youth leaders.
  • We counted that we have had over 100 young people on our register at some point, so that’s over 100 young people we’ve taught in some way.
  • We have recruited 4 new youth leaders this year, so now youth leaders are Lisa, Nike, Tobi, Anne-Marie, Roger, Melissa, Claudette, Onyeka , Tommy and Neef
  • On 22nd OCT we took 3 older youth to join the SVP homeless soup run
  • We have contributed to Parish Day, Afro-Caribbean Day, Fr Cy 15th year celebration too, which meant a lot of rehearsal and organisation with the youth
  • Please can the parish look at making its WI-FI available in the hall. This would be simple if putting an extra rooter near Hall. The reason is we want to start an online faith education course for youth and even if we use our phones the reception in the hall is rubbish. We need it for November


Report from Mike Delaney

  • I was heavily involved in the Youth group before. In this last year, I have been more focused on running the Monday night football sessions.
  • We have had some great evenings with a number of parishioners attending. We have had others with low turn outs. We played a match last year with a team of Delaney’s v the parish team which was a close game. More recently, we ordered a set of kit for the parish team and played a match against the Skills Academy. This all seemed to go really well.
  • The Church funded these sessions initially up until the end of April last year. I then funded them through the Skills Academy from May to mid August. The Church have funded for 6 weeks recently but now Fr would like them to be self funded with the participants paying each time they attend. We are at a time where we are seeing if this works and if we can continue running them. It would be great to get more participation from our parishioners for this.
  • I have just received the kits back after they were printed and they look great. Would be nice to organise another match.
Mothers Prayers – Irene Williams
  • Happy to report that the Mothers Prayers has been in the Parish for 10 years. We pray for protection for our children and grandchildren, also for people who ask us to pray for their friends and family.  Our success is due to prayers answered, the mothers see the results of our prayers, they are eager to come every week, although it is not always possible, most weeks we have 5/6 mothers.
  • We now have a second group run by Nneka Omo-Idahosa. This is going well.
  • The hope for the future is that some younger mothers would start a third group. We live in a troubled world and our little ones need prayers and protection, I will be happy to guide them and give any assistance needed.
The Parish Council – Michael Wingfield
  • The parish council is a representative body of the Parish. It consists of eighteen members including a representative from each of the parish groups who report a summary of their various activities and future intentions into the Council.
  • The agenda also includes items for discussion from the Parish Priest who invites comments on his ideas and also feedback following the liturgical seasons.
  • Premises and building proposals and actions are also aired and resolutions made.
  • The Council meets every six to eight weeks.