Marriage at Our Lady of the Crays Church

The Church requires couples planning to marry to take part in a marriage preparation course, wherever the wedding takes place.

The Archdiocese requires six months' notice of marriage.

For a Catholic to enter into marriage validly, it must be conducted by a Catholic priest or deacon in the presence of at least two witnesses,– unless the bishop dispenses a couple from this requirement.

If a couple wishes to be married in the Catholic church, at least one person must be a baptised Catholic.  To marry at Our Lady of the Crays church, at least one of the couple should attend Mass here regularly.

Please note that no weddings take place during Lent.

Irregular marriages and divorce

Very often, people who have married invalidly, for whatever reason, believe that it cannot be rectified and their marriage cannot be recognised by the Church. This is not the case, and invalid marriages can often be validated very easily.

Furthermore, many people have experienced the pain of a marriage breakdown and divorce. For Catholics this can be particularly difficult, as the Church holds to Jesus’ teaching that marriage lasts ‘till death do us part’.

Even if one of you has been married before the church can, in some circumstances, declare the first marriage null, enabling you to marry in church.

If you are in an irregular marriage, whatever the circumstances, Fr Cyriacus Okafor will be happy to discuss the matter with you with a view to exploring how your situation may be regularised.