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Rosary: Monday-Friday: 10am, Saturday: 1pm
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: Starts at 8.45am on Monday, Thursday – Friday; 6.45pm on Wednesday and 11.30am on Saturday.

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Clergy: Fr Cyriacus Okafor

St Philomena’s, Chelsfield Road, St Mary Cray BR5 4DR. Phone: 01689 826550. Head Teacher: Miss V Maher.

St Peter and St Paul, St Paul’s Wood Hill, BR5 2SR. Phone: 01689 828208. Head Teacher: Mrs J Seymour.

312 High Street, St Mary Cray, BR5 4AR. Phone: 01689 872495, Mob: 07983 660589. Manager: Anne Marie Glancy.

Please ring 01372 457651

SVP Emergency Line

07833 776573

Sunday 25th March 2018: Palm Sunday: Passion of the Lord

Today we begin the celebration of the Holy Week, which will reach its climax in the final three days (Triduum), the Crown of the Church’s liturgical year. On this day, the Church recalls the triumphant entry of Christ the Lord into Jerusalem to accomplish his Paschal Mystery.

We celebrate today the immeasurable love of Christ for us: Greater love no man has than to lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13). Jesus entered Jerusalem as the Messiah, the King & Lamb of God. As the Messiah, He gave instructions for Unused Donkey to be brought to him, for the prophecy of Zechariah 9:9 clearly states: “that a donkey is the beast of the Messiah”.

As a King, the people revered him with palms as befitting of a king. As a Lamb of God, He was the victim for the great Passover; He was the Passover lamb who by his death and His blood would atone for our sins. Thus when the people sang “Hosanna, Hosanna” which in Aramaic means saves us, they recognise that He was the Messiah, the King and the Lamb of God.

After his triumphant entry, the mood of this celebration is dominated by the reading of the Passion – that is, the Gospel narrative of the Lord’s capture, sufferings and death. The passion, death and resurrection of the Lord are a constant reminder that if we wish to share in the glory of the risen Saviour, we must first work to resemble him in humility, meekness and self-denial, for “The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45).

As we get set for the Easter Mystery, may we learn to carry our crosses with perfect resignation to the will of God; knowing that after Good Friday, comes Easter Sunday.

Diary for the Week

Sun Mar 25: Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord (B)

6.00pm: Pro Populo
9.00am Mass: Jane Lynch, RIP
11.00am: Sir Michael Abu, RIP

Mon Mar 26: Monday of Holy Week

9.30am: Giovanni de Souza, WB

Tues Mar 27: Tuesday of Holy Week

9.30am: Mothers' Prayer Group, GB

Wed Mar 28: Wednesday of Holy Week

6.45pm: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
7.30pm: Ken Nuttman, GB & WB

Thu Mar 29: Maundy Thursday

9.30am: Morning Prayer
7.30pm: Solemn Mass of the Lord’s Supper – Robert Oligbo, RIP
Night Watch and Vigil till 11pm

Fri Mar 30: Good Friday

9.30am: Morning Prayer
11.00am: Stations of the Cross led by the Confirmation Candidates
3pm: Solemn Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion
7.30pm: Stations of the Cross

Sat Mar 31: Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil)

9.30am: Morning Prayer
10am – 11am: Confessions
12.00pm: Easter Food blessing
8.30pm: Easter Vigil: Nick Quintavalle, TG

Sun April 1: Easter Sunday (B)

9.00am Mass: Ann & Tony Wickenden, WB
11.00am: Regina Salamon & Vincent Puspharaj, RIP


SI means Special Intention
SR means Speedy Recovery
GB means God’s Blessings
WB means Well-Being
TG means Thanksgiving
PI means Private Intentions
BT means Birthday Thanksgiving
WA means Wedding Anniversary
Pro Populo: People of the Parish

Rosary: Mon, Thursday – Friday at 10am, Saturday at 13.00pm
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: Starts at 8.45am on Monday, Thursday – Friday; 6.45pm on Wednesday and 11.30am on Saturday

Liturgy of the Word

First reading: A reading from the Prophet Isaiah 50:4-7
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 21(22):8-9,17-20,23-24
Second Reading: A reading from the letter of St. Paul to the Philippians 2:6
Gospel: The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Mark 14:1-15:47

Parish information, faith news and mission

Obituary: The funeral of Gerry McClelland will take place on Monday 16th April at 12 noon here at Our Lady of the Crays, followed by cremation at Beckenham Crematorium at 2 pm.

Easter Offering Envelope: If you have a Gift Aid number, please use the Easter offering envelope with your number on it. If you do not have a gift aid number, and at the same time you are a taxpayer, please write down your name and address so that the parish can claim 25% back as gift aid tax return on your donation. Please note that Easter offering is your personal Easter gift to Fr. Cyriacus and not the Parish

Parish Easter Cards: Please do take your own Easter card at the back of the Church. Details of the times for the Holy Week and Easter Celebration are contained there. The Parish requests you to take a few extra cards and invite your loved ones, friends and neighbours to our Church at this Easter celebrations.

Second Collection for the Easter Flowers: There will be second collection for the Easter flowers at all Masses this weekend. Please donate generously.

Stations of the Cross: Confirmation Candidates will lead Stations of the Cross at 11am on Friday 30th March (Good Friday). First Holy Communion Candidates are also expected to attend.

Easter Food Blessing Service: There will be blessing of Easter Food basket on Holy Saturday at 12pm. Fr. Cyriacus would like the co-ordinator for this service to meet with him.

Altar Servers’ Rehearsal for the Triduum: All the Altar Servers will be having a rehearsal with Fr. Cyriacus on Wednesday 28th March at 6.00pm in preparation for the Triduum Liturgy.

Visitation of the Sick and the Housebound: All the Sick and the Housebound of this parish will be visited by Fr. Cyriacus from the 26th of March 2018. We request the Eucharistic Ministers who are involved in taking communion to the sick to consult with Fr. Cyriacus in planning this visit.

Birthday List: We shall celebrate all March birthdays with cutting of the cake this Sunday 25th March after each Mass.

Life in the Spirit Seminar: We are holding an eight week spiritual programme here at Our Lady of the Crays from 15th April – 10th June. Please take a leaflet in the porch for more details.

Catholic Youth Ministry Careers Fair: As part of the CYM programme for 2018, there will be a Careers Fair for young people on Saturday 21st April from 12.30-2.30pm at St James the Great Church, Petts Wood. The aim of this event is to assist and equip young people in making decisions regarding their future and to provide information and guidance on a range of opportunities available to them. You can register for your free ticket by visiting:, or for more details please visit:

Parish Events 2018: Please take note of this year’s Parish Events which are on display in the porch.

Rosary Group: Monday, Thursday and Friday at 10am & Saturday 13.00pm.

Mothers' Prayer Group 1: Takes place every Friday at 8pm at Irene Williams’ house.

Mothers' Prayer Group 2: Takes place every Friday at 8pm at Nneka Omo-Idahosa’s house.

Request for Prayer for the Sick and the Housebound: Please continue to pray for: Mario Angeli, Eleanor Smith, Terry Burns, Maureen McMahon, Monica Gallagher, P J Connor, Mary Stanley, Betty Evans, Janet Sinclair, Peggy Colman, John Cafferkey, Marya Misajat, Shelia Santos, Denis O'Donoghue, Paddy (Patrick) Quinlan, Jeanette Miller-Spice, Danny McNally, Jerome Laurent, Eamon Murphy and all the Sick Clergy of the Diocese and the housebound of the Parish.

Book of Remembrance: Names for March: We remember in our payers: John Kent, Pearl Wood, Pasquale Cappucio, Lawrence Abu, Ekata Kuyan, Vincent Dunleavy, Martin Geraghty, Jeremiah Crowley, Roy Hawker, Roy Sinclair, Irene Rudd, Charles Wickenden, Edward Sabage, Mary Daly, Eleanor Sullivan, Mary Wakefield, Alexander Goslitski, Maria Fernandes, Augustine Juwah, Sheila McNally, Marilena Donovan, Alan Sparrowhawk, Elsie Valins, Winifred Ferne, Michael Gray, Patrick King, Ronnie Byrne, Michael Walsh, Queenie Viliesid, Sunday-Lawrence Ksagmede, Elizabeth Duffy, Patrick McNally, Pauline Sheehan, George Clark, Esme Esterbrook, Margaret Forsythe, Carmela Said, Queenie Damerum, Michael Abu, Joana Ndango Anjorim, Frank Edmond, Rogers Knight, Jean Marrhant, Margaret Murrice Muriel Brenton and Gerry McClelland.

Ministries in the Church

Weekend of 24 & 25 March

Cleaning rota

D Byrne

Readers 6pm Mass

AM Atlay and C St John

Readers 9am Mass

C Meaney

Readers 11am Mass

M Francis and S Moujalled

Eucharistic Ministers 6pm

JP Gallagher, D Philip and D Winter

Eucharistic Ministers 9am Mass

M Wingfield, M Lyons and M Fernandes

Eucharistic Ministers 11am Mass

F Adewale, M Alademerin, M Ehiosun, M McEveney, T Wickenden, E Williams and J Smith

Weekend of 31 March and 1 April


F Adewale

Readers 6pm Mass

See Holy Week Rota

Readers 9am Mass

See Holy Week Rota

Readers 11am Mass

See Holy Week Rota

Eucharistic Ministers 6pm Mass

See Holy Week Rota

Eucharistic Ministers 9am Mass

See Holy Week Rota

Eucharistic Ministers 11am Mass

See Holy Week Rota


F Obende

Weekend of 31 & 1 April


T Obende

Holy Week Rota

Maundy Thursday – 29th March


1. Jennifer Smith
2. Chris Meaney

Eucharistic Ministers

1. Maria Abu
2. Mary Aladermin

Good Friday – 30th March

Readers: Passion Narrative

1. Anne-Marie Atlay
2. Nelly Esong
3. Michael Wingfield

Eucharistic Ministers

1. Elizabeth Williams
2. Dominica Winter
3. Terry Meaney

Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil - 31st March


1. Jennifer Smith
2. Anne-Marie Atlay
3. Philip O'Halloran
4. Bernice Ikeogu
5. Michael Wingfield
6. Elizabeth Nwafor

Eucharistic Ministers

1. Nelly Esong
2. Rose O'Shea

Easter Sunday - 9am on 1st April


1. Priya Lobo
2. Jocelyn Fernandes

Eucharistic Ministers

1. Margaret Ehiosun
2. Terry Meaney

Easter Sunday - 11am on 1st April


1. Madge McEveney

Eucharistic Ministers

1. Madge mcEveney
2. Mary Alademerin
3. Margaret Ehiosun
4. Nelly Esong

Fr. Cyriacus will meet with all Readers on the Holy Week Rota on Wednesday 28th March 2018 immediately after the evening Mass.

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