Arranging a funeral

The model for Catholic funerals is the Easter journey of Jesus Christ from death to resurrection. This is why we are encouraged to celebrate the funeral in three stages: prayer vigil, funeral liturgy, and committal. 

The death of a loved one is a traumatic time for the loved ones left behind, especially since there are formalities to carry out immediately afterwards. 

There is more information about these, and also about arranging a Catholic funeral, in a document entitled 'Catholic Funerals - A Guide', published by the Liturgy Office of England and Wales. (PDF - opens in a new window.)

Arranging the funeral 

First of all, you will need to contact Fr Cyriacus Okafor.  He will help you to organise the service.


It is possible to choose one or more readings from the Bible for the funeral liturgy.  You can find help on choosing suitable passages from the Bible from the Liturgy Office for England and Wales. 

The Liturgy Office website also gives general guidance on non-biblical texts you can use in the funeral liturgy, and in less formal services at home or in a hospital.


You can choose hymns for the service.  This may seem daunting, and you may wish to look at a list of hymns, both modern and more traditional, drawn up by the Liturgy Office of England and Wales.